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Credit Crunch Impact in Bank of England Essay examples

3. Using one specific multinational enterprise with which you are familiar, examine the ways in which ‘credit crunch’ has impacted its operations. Evaluate the strategic responses it has made, and might make going forward, to respond to the impacts of the credit crunch on its operations. Introduction; This work will focus on the broader economic impact of the crisis in credit markets, which began over three years ago with the downturn in United States (US) sub-prime housing market. While the epicenter has remained in the US, it has already had a major impact on the structure of Bank of England. In the year 2008 we have seen a significant consolidation within the UK banking sector. (George†¦show more content†¦Financial Stability The area seeks to detect risks to the structure and functioning of the UK financial system and to develop measures to strengthen regulatory systems and infrastructure at home and abroad to reduce those risks. This includes its statutory responsibilities for overseeing UK payments systems. In addition it undertakes work with HM Treasury and the FSA to improve the arrangements for managing a financial crisis. The area also contributes to the monetary policy process, and promotes public understanding of issues relating to financial stability through, for instance, the regular Financial Stability Report. Banking Services Customer Banking Division provides banking services to the Government and other customers, principally financial institutions and other central banks. This includes the provision of custody services, including for gold. Central services The Central Services Divisions encompass a range of support functions that underpin the Bank’s activities and help to ensure that the Bank’s reputation is maintained. These include IT, business continuity, the Governors’ private offices, and legal services.Show MoreRelatedConcepts of Microeconomics in a UK-Based Organization: Barclays Case Analysis2578 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿Impact of Credit Crunch on UK Northern Rock: The credit crunch can be basically described as the increasing costs of borrowing money due to prevailing situations and rising interest rates. The increase in the interest rates resulted in the inability of many people to afford the repayments on mortgages that led them to default. The rising interest rates had huge effects on the subprime market in the United States in which money was lent to probable risky debtors. Credit crunch was not only exacerbatedRead MoreThe Central Banks Of The World1135 Words   |  5 Pages The Central Banks of the world have a role in today’s society to provide stability to the economy. Through monetary policy, the Central Banks must utilize the daily economic data in order to make policy decisions that attempt to ensure continuous growth and prosperity. The Central Banks do this through regulating inflation as well as â€Å"implementing specific goals such as currency stability, low inflation and full employment† (Heakal). In 2008 the g lobal financial crisis hit numerous nations aroundRead MoreEffects Of The Great Recession On The United Kingdom Essay1405 Words   |  6 Pagescountry struggled with a double-dip recession between 2010-12, and continues to struggle with some of these effects. The main cause of this worldwide economic contraction was the credit crunch in 2007/2008. In the United States, mortgage lenders received incentives to sell mortgages, regardless of the income and credit score of the individual receiving the loan. This lead to an influx of loans being sold that were likely to be defaulted on at a later date. These subprime mortgages proved to be veryRead MoreThe Current Recessions Impact On The Residential Mortgage Market1514 Words   |  7 Pages RESEARCH PROJECT PROPOSAL 2014/2015 ‘Analysis of the current recessions impact on the residential mortgage market in the United Kingdom’ ROSS TYLER WHITING N0313007 This Research Project Proposal is submitted in part-fulfillment of the degree of BSc (Hons) in Planning and Development Nottingham Trent University, 2015 CONTENTS PAGE 1.0 WORKING TITLE 2.0 INTRODUCTION 3.0 RESEARCHRead MoreGdp Of The Us, Eu28, Canada, And China1348 Words   |  6 Pagestrends, however, there is some fluctuation which is not preferred. By 2007, credit crunch was caused by over lending of UK mortgage lenders (similar to the US) (Pettinger T. R., 2011). It affected to Northern Rock that they had to no sufficient fund. Consequently, Northern Rock had to ask the Bank of England for fund. This action gave an unexpected outcome, which is the customers’ worry and withdrawing fund. Credit crunch hit UK by multiple problems, HBOS lacked of funds, â€Å"Bradford Bingley wasRead MoreFinancial Crises And Its Effects On Global Economic Crisis1068 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Involvement of the FED The financial crises that occurred in 2007-2008 had such a big impact on the world that it is now considered a global financial crisis (GFC) or global economic crisis. It is commonly believed that it began in July 2007 with the credit crunch; U.S. investors lost trust in the value of subprime mortgages which caused a liquidity crisis. This had the effect that the U.S. Federal Bank injected a large amount of capital into the financial markets. By September 2008, the crisesRead MoreUnsecured Loans : A Loan Is Taken Without Being Supported With Any Collateral1231 Words   |  5 Pagesuk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/208075/bis-13-p187-a-report-using-data-from-the-yougov-debttrack-survey.pdf What type of people are getting loans in particular part of time. Graph. (CREDIT, DEBT AND FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY IN BRITAIN, 2012 ) presents analysis of variation in the use of unsecured credit for previous surveys has shown a consistent pattern of high usage among households with children and those with low levels of savings, and lower usage for older households and those owning theirRead MoreImpact of the Recession on Construction Contractors2062 Words   |  9 PagesTHE IMPACT OF THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS ON THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY JANUARY 2009 INTRODUCTION The current crisis in the world’s financial system has left the construction industry facing its toughest challenges for a generation. Salaries are falling; job cuts are predicted to reach 400,000 in England alone; and the impacts look set to get much worse before they get better. No country is immune from the impact of this and the UK, and much of the rest of the world, is already in, or aboutRead MoreExternal Environment And Its Impact On Business2137 Words   |  9 Pagesdistribution and consumption of goods and services at all levels within a society. Gross domestic product or GDP is one way of assessing economic activity, and the degree of current economic activity and forecasts for its future level can significantly impact business activity and profits, as well as inflation and interest rates. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is one of the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country’s economy. It represents the total value of all goods and services producedRead MoreFinancial Crisis Impact on Uk Government3011 Words   |  13 Pagesloans from bank of England on top of an existing loan facility. Banks will have to increases their capital by at least 25 billion pound and borrow from government. An additional 25 billion pound in extra capital will be available in exchange of preference shares. Government described as the root cause of current financial crisis is liquidity, capital and funding At least 200 billion pound will be made available from bank of England for short term borrowing to provide liquidity to banks Those banks

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The Effect Of Body Image On Adolescent Girls - 1427 Words

According to a study on body image 42% of first to third grade girls want to be thinner (Collins,1991). This presents a dilemma to parents and educators, as adolescent girls are becoming increasingly concerned with their body image, and have been led to unhealthy practices in their desire to be thinner. Research into this showed that as much as 57% of adolescent girls engage in harmful practices such as fasting, self induced vomiting, or diet pills (Boutelle et al, 2002).This occurs as a result of youth being subject to environments that promote an unrealistic â€Å"ideal† body. This can affect our perception of our bodies and what is considered to be healthy or â€Å"normal†. It is also due to media promoting an â€Å"ideal† body type. This affects perception of body in adolescent girls due to the overwhelming amount of unrealistic body ideals that these girls are subject to. This conditions girls to practice unhealthy eating habits. an overwhelming 69% of ele mentary school girls who read magazines say that he pictures greatly alter their perception of the â€Å"ideal body†, and that subsequently, these images make them want to lose weight. (Martin, 2010) This issue will only continue to grow unless steps are taken to eradicate it. In order to ensure that is done, issues and negative associations with body image in girls should be eliminated at a young age. Implementing this should come in the form of mandatory health education, the elimination of body related stigmas and the promotion ofShow MoreRelatedEffect of Television Media on Body Image in Adolescent Girls Diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.2866 Words   |  12 PagesEffect of Television Media on Body Image in Adolescent Girls diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Research has continually revealed that television media has had an impact on viewers, however, more specifically studies have indicated that the adolescent has been most impacted especially the population that are diagnosed with eating disorders. In particular, this study will examine the adolescent population diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa usually begins with the adolescent experiencingRead MoreThe Effects Of Media On Body Dissatisfaction Of Young Girls And Adolescents1214 Words   |  5 Pagesthe lives of the people, there have been many controversial debates on the impact of the media on the body dissatisfaction of young girls and adolescents. Body dissatisfaction can be described as â€Å"the negative self-evaluation of one’s own appearance and to be more physically attractive, and is fairly common in young girls and adolescents. Approximately one hundred studies of media effects on body dissatisfaction have been conducted with the majority of these showing at least some evidence,† (FergusonRead MoreThe Effects of Media on Adolescent Girls Essay1029 Words   |  5 Pagesvery prominent fault that the significance of media has is its visual depiction of women. There is an abundance of media portraying women to have ideal bodies, and this undoubtedly has a negative effect on adolescent girls. Two of the many effects of media on females are depression and self esteem issues, as well as eating disorders. Unfortunately, body dissatisfaction caused by media is becoming more and more common. In today’s society, media is a part of everyone’s lives, whether people want it toRead MoreWomen and adolescent girls are exposed, daily, to the medias portrayal of perfect beauty. Being1600 Words   |  7 PagesWomen and adolescent girls are exposed, daily, to the medias portrayal of perfect beauty. Being bombarded with images of beautiful women with perfect figures and porcelain skin has had an effect on the way women and young girls portray their own bodies. This, in return, causes a drive for thinness which, ultimately, can ignite feelings of dissatisfaction which can cause eating disorders and poor health decisions. This epidemic has captivated many women and adolescents as they go to tremendous lengthsRead More The Medias Influence on Eating Disorders Essay example1100 Words   |  5 Pagesissues. Media images help define cultural definitions of beauty and attractiveness and are often acknowledged as one of the factors that contribute to the rise of eating dis orders (NEDA). The National Eating Disorders Associations website, The Effect of the Media on Body Satisfaction in Adolescent Girls, The Medias Influence on Body Image Disturbance and Eating Disorders, and Dieting Behaviors, Weight Perceptions, and Life Satisfaction Among Public High School Adolescents are all articlesRead MoreBody Image And Self Esteem Among Adolescents1685 Words   |  7 PagesBody Image and Self-Esteem among Adolescents The topic of body image is an issue that we see amongst many adolescents all around the world. This huge issue can be dealt by adults but the main victim of body imaging are adolescents. Everywhere, anyone goes, there is example of what society considers â€Å"beautiful.† Even if someone is not completely studying it, their subconscious is still registering all of the images and words to what society thinks is a perfect body. Everyday there are people thatRead MoreDoes Tumblr Have a Negative Impact on an Adolescent Girls Psychological Wellbeing1094 Words   |  5 PagesTumblr have a negative impact on an adolescent girls psychological wellbeing. Antoinette Capili Since the grand opening of the renowned blogging website, Tumblr in 2007, there has been an overwhelming â€Å"15 billion page views a month† 1. From this time on, Tumblr has played a signiï ¬ cant role in shaping an individual’s identity and personality towards themselves and society. The Tumblr environment has remarkably transformed the perspectives of adolescents’ own appearance and is one of the mainRead MoreThe Differences between the Self-Esteem of Boys and Girls During Puberty1247 Words   |  5 PagesYour body changes, your voice can change, and your emotions are on overdrive. The changes going through an adolescent’s body can be very confusing. Not everyone going through puberty knows what is happening to them. Plus, even if an understanding is there, it can be very uncomfortable. Almost every part of an adolescent’s body is affected when going through puberty. Psychologically, an adolescent is affected too. One psychological effect of puberty is a decreased self-esteem. Boys and girls bothRead MoreStudies of Social Media and its Effects on Adolescent’s Body Image 1166 Words   |  5 PagesIn the mindset of adolescents, these medias help to create unrealistic ideas of who they are and who they should be. As if going through puberty isn’t difficult enough, teenagers are raised to face these phony thoughts everyday. One of the top problems that boys and girls experience is the way they view their body; commonly referred to as â€Å"body image.† Our media-saturated world provides many teens with low self-esteem, eating disorders, and overall dissatisfaction with one’s body. With the help ofRead MoreMedia Impact On Body Image1254 Words   |  6 Pagesmodels on children’s and adolescents’ body image? Over recent times, the media has become a prominent part in the upbringing of young people. In particular the manner by which the media portrays body image has changed in numerous ways. Body image is defined as â€Å"a person’s perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about his or her body† by Grogan (as cited in Zaccagni, Masotti, Donati Gualdi-Russo, 2014). There is a stronger focus of what is considered to be the perfect body type and many argue that

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A Good Result And A Happy Outcome - 1843 Words

According to its etymology, the word â€Å"success† derives from the Latin word successus, which means an advance, a good result, or a happy outcome (â€Å"Online Etymology Dictionary†). Emphasizing the part of the definition, â€Å"a good result and a happy outcome,† success is associated with a positive connotation from its original roots. This association of positivity with success translated into today’s culture as worldly success, such as fame, fortune, and power. However, several individuals, especially those with religious backgrounds, argue that prosperity is not always as fulfilling as people may perceive it to be, even though the definition of the term describes its appealing attributes. These few figures make a distinction that there is a different form of success known as spiritual success which is set apart from worldly success. Spiritual success is described as finding an individual’s identity in God and salvation through Jesus. Well-k nown members of the church assert that achieving spiritual success satisfies the human soul whereas worldly success does not. These religious leaders, including St. Augustine (354-430) and Thomas Merton (1915-1968), attempted to achieve worldly success and realized that they could only find satisfaction with spiritual success. One of the most well-known religious figures of the Christian community, St. Augustine, experienced trials in attempting to reach worldly success. In his autobiography, Confessions (397-401), Augustine gave insight intoShow MoreRelatedPositive Psychology: The Effects of Positive Emotions Essay1426 Words   |  6 PagesPositive psychology describes the effects a positive attitude can have on one’s enjoyment of a situation, people, and life as whole. If one is able to find something good about every situation they encounter, then their overall life experience will be positive. It explains that one’s mindset determines the outcome of a situation, i ncluding how well they get along with people around them. Positive emotions are capable of changing not only ones outlook on life, but also their life as a whole. By viewingRead MoreHappy Chips, Case 101368 Words   |  6 PagesEconomics/TLMT312 American Military University September 30, 2012 HAPPY CHIPS LOGISTICS Introduction The supply and management of a company have various difficulties in trying to manipulate the logistics of supply and making analysis of the whole performance of the supplying team. These issues apparently result from low surge and have had great inconveniences to stock and management. The reasons for these intensive difficulties are a result of malfunctioning of one group or department and thus disruptingRead MoreTeleological Theory On The End Consequences936 Words   |  4 Pagesconsequences. Lying or being deceiving is not being a bad person if it means to achieve a good consequence in the end of a situation. Telos in Greek means end, goal, purpose, and result. An example of this would be if Nancy asked Chuck if her hair was pretty when it was originally blonde and then dyed to jet-black. Chuck would have to say, â€Å"Yes honey, you look beautiful.† Yes, Chuck did lie but it caused Nancy to be happy. If Chuck did tell the truth they would probably have an argument on why Nancy’s hairRead MoreThe Theory Of Utilitarianism And Rule Utilitarianism952 Words   |  4 Pagesgenerate the greatest good. Whereas, rule utilitarianism evaluates the actions themselves and determines what would produce an outcome that institutes the greatest good. (2013 sec. 6.1) From an act utilitarian standpoint, say you had a hundred dollars to spend lavishly. If you purchased the designer shirt you have been looking at for weeks, you would definitely be happy, you would make the person selling the shirt happy, and you would make the company making the shirt happy. Yet, if you were toRead MoreAn Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation by Jeremey Bentham.1026 Words   |  5 PagesUtilitarianism? I believe that utilitarianism is the theory in which actions are right if they produce happiness and wrong if they don’t produce happiness. Happiness is what every human being look forward to. When making a decision, all possible outcomes must be ens ured that it will lead to happiness. Utilitarianism is based on the principle of utility .Utility is the ability to be useful while satisfying needs. Utilitarianism is generally considered a moral theory that was found by Jeremey BenthamRead More Romance and Tragedy in Shakespeares The Winters Tale Essay example1622 Words   |  7 Pagesthe responsibility of ensuring Perditas survival. In addition, the unexpected kindness of Autolycus is also responsible for the happy ending. Furthermore, Hermiones representation as a woman of strength and honor is portrayed through her ability to sacrifice sixteen years of her life due to her faith in the oracles prediction. The agency for the plays romantic outcome lies within the characters involved and their determination to do what is morally right, resulting in a romantic climax. PaulinaRead MoreWhat Is Leadership And Management Principles Utilized Throughout Facility A And B1338 Words   |  6 Pagesmotivated employees result in high-performance organizations. These high-performance organizations historically rate well in overall patient and employee satisfaction as well as patient safety. To explore and observe successful management practices, a case study involving two drastically varying long-term care facilities was analyzed and examined. The purpose of this paper is to explore leadership and management principles utilized throughout facility A and B, understand survey results and how managementRead MoreHappy Endings By Margaret Atwood951 Words   |  4 Pages Margaret Atwood writes a short story titled â€Å"Happy Endings†. The authors choice of words for the title can be misleading because of the contrary of the actually text. The title of the text could seem sort of juvenile if one was judging the complexity of her text from her title. Whi ch goes back to the saying â€Å"Don’t judge a book by it’s cover†, and in this case it would be taken more literal. The first 3 lines of her text are: John andRead MoreGroup Behavior in Organizations1503 Words   |  7 Pagesbeginning of every single day we sit down and analyze the information from the day before and come up with ideas to make things better or remember the tactics we used and go about those tactics with the new day. At the end of every week we get the outcome and results of how well we planned and until now I never realized that we have been using the decision making process every week to come up with our sales. After saying all of this I must let you know that we are not directly concerned with how much moneyRead More: The Importance Of Happiness And Happiness864 Words   |  4 PagesHappiness is a bliss and it is something that we should cherish. It is easier said than done, but being happy can result in a lot of positive outcomes in your life. Being lighthearted does not necessarily mean that something good has to happen to you, it can happen in your community and around the world. Within the individual, we can achieve happiness by being content with what we have. The community can make you feel gleeful by whom you are surrounded with, and what influences are around in that

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Justification for Upgrade of Trainer Position free essay sample

Mrs. Williams, As I mentioned in our last staff meeting, I will like to recap the importance of filling the position available here in my group as a matter of urgency. We have completed and posted the third quarter schedule with many essential classes not inclusive. Gloria is very much tied up with field and contract training leaving Mohammed alone to teach all the scheduled classes. I have had to go in to assist in teaching some classes and because most of our classes are 21/2 to 5 days – 8 hours in duration, I am unable to perform any other duties in the week I am stuck in the classroom. I know Mr. McCoy has a lot in his plate right now and my need frequent reminder of our critical situation here in training. Thanks for your support I forgot to mention in the earlier justification letter that we had courses that were approved by TCEQ which Billy Shea was the only instructor approved to teach. Those courses are Surface Water production I II and Customer service inspection. Our inability to hire an instructor with TCEQ qualifications have that can teach those course after Billy left has left us with no choice but to use outside vendors for these course. The average cost to the City is an average of $20,000 a year. We also plan to expand our program to include Water and Wastewater Technology, Advance Utility Calculation, Advance Water and Wastewater Laboratory and more. These courses are presently being offered only by outside vendors and cost the City about another average of $20,000 a year. This upgrade will enable us to hire an   in-house instructor that will be readily available for our employees and the instruction will be customized to suite our needs as opposed to the generic version offered by the vendors. With the vacancy created for a Trainer position at OSB training group, due to the resignation of Victor Burks, it is requested that the position be upgraded to a Senior Trainer for the reasons indicated below: Our training goal for this position is to employ a highly qualified training professional to undertake a variety of water/wastewater and collection systems training responsibilities. This individual will be responsible for curriculum developments, designing new courses, identifying areas requiring remedial training, request courses and program addition from TCEQ, submitting courses to TCEQ for approval in accordance with TCEQ RG-373 and teaching several certification and skill enhancement classes. The individual will also be very highly knowledgeable of TCEQ training requirements and possess the minimum qualifications and skills for instructors as required by TCEQ RG 373 publications. In addition to the requirements above, the individual must meet City of Houston minimum requirements for the position: a bachelor’s degree and 1 year classroom training experience. The pay grade level 17 that this position is currently publicized does not attract prospective candidates who have the qualifications and capable of meeting the goals and objectives stated above. In the past we have managed to hire candidates who partially meet these criteria with hope to boost their experience while on the job but that has not been very effective and tends to put at risk our training goals and objectives. TCEQ publication RG 373 require instructors to â€Å"have sufficient work experience, subject-matter expertise, and vocational instructional experience to enable them to communicate course information in a relevant, informed manner and to answer students questions†.. Also â€Å"Instructors of core courses must hold a valid license in the particular occupation they are teaching. For water and wastewater operator licensing, a Class A or B license is normally required to teach†. Candidates who meet this State qualification show no interest in applying for the position with a level 17 pay grade. Most operators with the stated minimum experience and certifications are presently at pay grade levels of 19 and above as a result they are not likely to apply for the a lower Pay grade level position. Hiring individuals that do not meet TCEQ minimum requirements to instructor also puts the City of Houston at risk for violation of training approval regulations and a possibility of denying or suspending of our operator certification training program as indicated by TCEQ RG 373 â€Å"In the event an instructor is determined unqualified to teach a course, the training provider will lose approval for the course if the instructor is allowed to continue teaching it†. Another important consideration is that organizations providing similar training and instructors of water utility certification programs from similar size cities are hired at pay grade levels greater than the City of Houston trainer position. As a result the position is also not attractive to external candidates. Prior to hiring Victor Burks, the position was posted three times because we were unable to get the candidate that meets the requirements to accomplish our training goals and objectives Many candidates with appropriate qualifications and requirements have expressed interest in the position but the major hindrance has been the pay grade level the position is posted. I am very confident that if the position is upgraded and posted as a senior trainer level 21, we will have no problem hiring candidates that meet both State and City of Houston minimum requirements and candidates who will be effective in meeting our training goals and objectives. Attached below is the publication abstract from TCEQ RG-373 that pertains to â€Å"Qualified Classroom instructor†. What Is a Qualified Classroom Instructor? Classroom instructors must have sufficient work experience, subject-matter expertise, and vocational instructional experience to enable them to communicate course information in a relevant, informed manner and to answer students questions. Instructors must have at least three years of hands-on work experience in the particular discipline or area of specialization of the course. For example, a classroom instructor meets this qualification for the course â€Å"Surface Water Production I† if the instructor worked in a Surface water system for a minimum of three years performing critical operating tasks. Instructors of core courses must hold a valid license in the particular occupation they are teaching. For water and wastewater operator licensing, a Class A or B license is normally required to teach. It is recommended that instructors of courses used only for renewal hours also hold the appropriate license. Exceptions to this recommendation include out-of-state training providers, researchers, or professional engineers who lack a Texas occupational license but who possess exceptional knowledge and skills directly related to the training and critical job tasks. Instructors must also have enough teaching experience to enable them to communicate clearly and effectively at the learning level of the students and consistent with the intended outcomes of the course. Classroom instructors must have at least 60 hours of classroom instructional experience. Hours spent making presentations do not count as classroom instructional experience. The training provider is responsible for ensuring that classroom instructors have adequate, specific work experience and sufficient teaching experience. This responsibility includes maintaining each instructor’s resume or statement of qualifications. The TCEQ may ask for verification of instructor work and classroom teaching experience along with licensing status at any time. This information is required as part of the application for initial approval of a course. This information is collected to enable the agency to help you, the training provider—and in some cases the instructor also—comply with these requirements. In the event an instructor is determined unqualified to teach a course, the training provider will lose approval for the course if the instructor is allowed to continue teaching it. Participants also will not receive credit for training by unqualified or ineffective instructors. Normally, the training provider offers the students enrollment in another class with a different instructor at no additional cost to the student. This is considered a business practice, however, and you may choose to handle this situation differently in accordance with your business policies.

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Romeo and Juliet For a different audience Essay Example

Romeo and Juliet For a different audience Paper William Shakespeares story of doomed lovers, Romeo and Juliet is a story for all generations. The presentation of the story depends on how the audience will react to it. For instance, the audience from Shakespeares time ranged from rich snobs to drunken groundlings. In my comic book version of his story, I used more modern words to help my audience; the people of today understand the story better. I adapted Shakespeares original to fit todays audience by modernizing the vocabulary, taking out a few of the less exciting elements and by showing the emotions of the characters through illustrations. The original version of Romeo and Juliet is only different from my own version in one aspect; the presentation. In William Shakespeares time, society was a lot different from the society we know today. The audience Shakespeare had to write for was very demanding. The audience consisted of two major groups; the upper class and the lower class. The upper class was a group of civilized people who were entertained so long as the story of the play was intriguing. The lower class was harder to deal with though. These citizens were most often arrogant drunks who would yell and throw things on stage if they were not pleased by the play. We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo and Juliet For a different audience specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo and Juliet For a different audience specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo and Juliet For a different audience specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer These groundlings surrounded the stage on three sides in section where there were no seats, which made them less comfortable and more threatening to the play. To control these audience members, Shakespeare had to please them. He did this by adding fight scenes and a bit of crude humor. As long as the groundlings were entertained, Shakespeare could run his play without interruption. William Shakespeare wrote his play, Romeo and Juliet masterfully to entertain both upper and lower class citizens. In my version of Romeo and Juliet, a comic book version, I exaggerated the action scenes and diminished the less exciting scenes of poetry. I did this because comic book readers do not read comics to enjoy poetry. Instead they are entertained by good illustrations of action as well as good dialogue to accompany them. For this reason, instead of using elaborate wording like Shakespeare had done to express emotion in each characters dialogue, I showed theyre facial expressions in well drawn illustrations. I also used illustrations to show the setting of the play clearly, instead of using long descriptions of each setting like in Shakespeares version. I could portray these important elements through detailed artwork, without words. The illustrations are a very important element in determining the quality of a comic book. Therefore, it was important that I told the story through pictures as well as dialogue, and not just through literature. In my version of Romeo and Juliet, I showed the power of not only words, but art as well. To adapt Shakespeares original masterpiece Romeo and Juliet to better suit my audience, I converted many ideas from the story into artwork. The artwork of a comic is what determines the quality of the book. I believe that in comic books, the wording used in the dialogue is not nearly as important as the artwork it goes along with. I used artwork to portray deeper or more extreme emotions rather than using quite elaborate words as Shakespeare had done in his version. By showing emotions along with scenery through illustrations, I can be sure that readers have an image of the story in their minds. Another adaptation I used to better suit the targeted audience was the changing of Old English words into more understandable Modern English words. Some passages in Romeo and Juliet are hard to understand by the young readers of today. Therefore, I modernized the wording and emphasized every scene through illustration, rather than confusing literature. I believe I have adapted the story of Romeo and Juliet effectively to suit my audience very well. My version of Romeo and Juliet follows the original version written by William Shakespeare despite the many differences in language and style of presentation. I altered the presentation of Romeo and Juliet to more effectively tell the story to readers of todays generations. Although the story is 400 years old, it is not and never will be an outdated story. As long as love exists, the story of Romeo and Juliet will be a story for all generations to enjoy.

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Invasion of the Zebra Mussels essays

Invasion of the Zebra Mussels essays There has been an incursion into the sovereign territory of the United States of America. The Zebra mussel, an animal much akin to the clam, has colonized nearly every hard surface in the Great Lakes area, and many rivers and streams attached to them. These invaders arrived on ships from England, pumped out through the ballast. Zebra mussels are from a different environment (England), thus they are classified as an exotic species. These pesky animals threaten the entire Great Lakes ecosystem. The invasion has created many problems for the local ecosystem. First of all, Zebra mussels take the food for which native species already compete. Each mussel consumes about a liter of different types of plankton. Small fish lose their food, and their numbers dwindle. Big fish no longer have small fish to eat, and the entire food chain is disrupted. Now that the natives dont have enough food to go around, mortality rates are going up and they are starting to die out. Another problem theyve created is clogging on industrial units. They reproduce en mass and attach themselves to anything they find, including docks, boat ramps, and waste pipes. All the industries in the area now have to worry about scraping these mini-invaders off. Yet another problem theyve created is contaminated drinking water. The intake pipes in Lake Michigan and elsewhere are covered with mussels. Without being removed, they contaminate water and move on to clog up city pipes. Still another problem is their colo nization of rock reefs. With the mussels being several inches deep in places, their waste is poisoning the area and fish that would normally lay their eggs there must look elsewhere for nesting areas. Now natality is down and mortality is up. A final problem they cause is damage to property. By latching onto boats and other floating objects, they can and will damage them. They cause innumerable problems, so now the ...

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NKCC cotransporter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

NKCC cotransporter - Essay Example Of these NKCC1b is also known to be found in brain RNA (Gamba, 2005). It is noted here, though, that the two isoforms of the NKCC1 cotransporter is found only in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) as per research of Cutler and Cramb, 2002. Nevertheless, there is ample evidence that NKCC1, in human and other mammalian species, is functionally implicated in CNS cells. It is observed by Gamba, 2005, that the NKCC1 cotransporter is activated by receptors and assists in neurotransmission by driving anions into the cell. It is also observed by Strange et al, 2000, that the work of the NKCC1 cotransporter complements that of the KCC2 one. The choice of the culture medium, the neuronal-specific CAD cell line, and the somewhat CNS-specific NKCC1 dovetails perfectly for a research attempt that seeks to establish new facts on the molecular identity and other expression patterns of these unique electroneutral cotransporters in cells of the central nervous system (CNS). G. Gamba's excellent 200 5 review article on these cotransporters has been extensively used in this paper because it is the most comprehensive document prepared to date being inclusive of all aspects described so far. The cation-coupled (Sodium and ... The Cation-Coupled Cotransport System The cation-coupled (Sodium and Potassium cations only) chloride cotransporters are a unique transmembranal transport system that is electrically neutral yet very effective in action (Gamba, 2005). These cotransporters constitute a secondary transcellular transport system that complements the primary cation transcellular transport system - the one mediated by the enzyme --ATPase. In the primary system the mover is an electrochemical gradient while in this chloride cotransporter system there is no such gradient, the reason why it has acquired the electroneutral label, and imbalances in chloride anion concentrations between intracellular and extracellular media constitute the prime mover of the system (Gamba, G., 2005). In absorptive and secretory epithelia there is need to transport ions and solutes in and out of the cells. Specific plasma membrane proteins mediate this transport system by either effecting sodium influx and potassium efflux with accompaniment of those ions and/or solutes that need to be transported (Gamba, G., 2005). Except in choroidal plexus, these cations move through the epithelial basolateral membrane mediated by the action of the enzyme --ATPase that creates an electrochemical gradient across the membrane. The plasma proteins mediate this transcellular transport that utilises this gradient to move target ions across the membrane and thus this system is called a secondary one while the enzyme-mediated cation movement is called the primary system. These two component systems together constitute the primary ion transport system across cellular membranes in human physiology (Gamba, G., 2005). On